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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nikon D300 Eyepiece Replacement

In addition to letting in a lot of light, I've always found the eyepiece on my Nikon D300 to be quite uncomfortable.

D300 with standard eyepiece. (DK-23)
So a few weeks ago I started searching the internet for an eyepiece replacement. Since the camera is now 7 years old there are tons of forum posts about replacing the eyepiece. Unfortunately due to the age of the posts, most of them contain broken images and links.

I wasn't interested in any of the available magnifiers for the eyepiece, I simply wanted to change it to a rubber cup and I wanted to do so using Nikon genuine parts.

I ended up ordering the following 3 parts from eBay:

Eyepiece for FM3A/FM2/FA/FE2, DK-3 Rubber Eyecup, DK-22 Eyepiece Adapter.

Installation takes less than a minute. You simply slide the existing DK-23 standard eyepiece off the camera.

Standard D300 Eyepiece (DK-23)

Next, take the eyepiece replacement (FM3A/FM2/FA/FE2) and place it into the eyecup (DK-3) and screw it into the eyepiece adapter (DK-22). The eyepiece essentially holds the eyecup to the adapter. Once that's done you simply slide the new eyepiece assembly onto the camera.

The new eyepiece is very comfortable and doesn't let any light in when pressed up against your face.

This setup would also benefit anyone who wears glasses while shooting.
D300 with the modified eyepiece.
D300 with the modified eyepiece.

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