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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Light Two Light

I had the pleasure of seeing Joe McNally demo the Nikon D4 at CES in Las Vegas this spring and really enjoyed the show (and showgirl he was photographing).

When his twitter feed announced that he would be in Toronto for the One Light Two Light Seminar I jumped at the chance to see him again.

It was an all day seminar (10am-5pm) and was quite in depth. He started off with one speedlight and worked his way up to 3-4 and a "coupla big flashes". A lot of material is covered in his latest book - Sketching Light but it was great to see it live.

I'm pretty sure camera stores all around Toronto saw a huge increase in Gaffer tape sales the days following the show.

All in all it was a fantastic day. My only gripe is that I got there right at 9am for registration but they apparently opened early and the room was already 70% full.

I came away from the seminar with a wealth of information and a funny story to boot:

I had a seat near the back and a gentleman sat next to me. I happened to notice that he had a pen with my companies logo on it. Perhaps he got it at a job fair I thought...

A little while later I asked him if he worked at our company and he said he did. It turns out he's one of our photographers who I've dealt with via email but never actually met in person.

In a room with 400+ people it was pretty cool that he ended up sitting next to me.

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